Monday, May 9, 2011

A little bit stronger

Well lately things have been just going down hill ive been cutting but figured I'm going to get a tattoo like Demi lavato "stay strong" my wrists or feet not sure yet! But I've cut 4 times in the last week... I need help and lots and lots of it... I haven't been really eating either I've been lying and saying I have been an last night was so bad It almost went TOO far..I want this all over with & don't know how much more bull shit I can take..been also having really bad dreams an my anxiety level is high as crap.the only good day I've had was Saturday night when my good friend Megan spent the night.most fun I've had in a while actually.

Stay strong & don't let your head down, keep it up and you can be somebody in this world.
You are worth something to somebody out there even though it may not seem it at the time there are peole who care about you.
That's it for noww
*Kate P*