Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strong 'till you break.

First I want to say happy late S.t Patricks Day,I haven't been "blogging" in a few days but many things have happened that are almost pushing me back into my old habits , but I am trying to sike my self out of it, and its starting to work... kinda.Alot of good stuff has happened lately too though.. Lets focus on those. :)

2) These last few days have been an emotional roller coaster. Here's the thing my mom doesn't like the guy I am see but i actually really like him  love him still. My mom doesn't understand where I am coming from he's not a bad guy. He's really nice, thoughtful would never do anything to hurt me & actually cares about me unlike some guys who just want sex etc, I just want to be with him with out having to be secretive about it. I told my mom i was going to dinner with him and she flipped out SERIOUSLY!!!??? there was no reason for that MOTHER! I'm miserable when I'm not with him so I'm going to secretively keep seeing him. I'm almost 18 i think i can make my own decisions and if it breaks me then oh well its my fault! ANYWAYS lets focus on the good now.

1) I got my prom dress woohoo & Starbucks=<33!
1,1/2) It was finally nice out 60 degrees to be exact (:
2) We are figuring out my stomach problems
3) Have met some cool people!
4) 3 day weekend!
5)Saw my nieces and nefues

All little advice:;

Keep your head up no matter how bad  the situation maybe even if you are running out of $ for your rent, being abused or even just having drama with your friends, things will get better if you don't always look at the negative i know its easier said than done but you really should start.Start doing something you love. I love cooking and helping people. Find something YOU love not your boyfriend/ girlfriend, not your mom, dad, guardian, and always go with your heart. You will achieve many great things if you can listen to your heart and do what you love to do.I've gone through a lot.. and you CAN do it. Suicide and cutting your self are NOT they answers.. when you cut your self you aren't hurting just your self but the people around you. When you kill your self you are putting your family & friends through alot you cant just give up like that, when you have the razor, scissors or whatever in your hand just think that if you do this they are all going to be sad no one wants to see you like this NOT even if you think they don't care. Everybody takes everything differently but you have to learn just to get over the bump in the road.


-Kate P-
You are worth something & life is a challenge but we all can be something in this world -listen to this true lyrics.

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