Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger;my story

This is my story;

Okay I've told this so much haha but anywaaaaays .. So when I was 4 I wasn't as happy as the other kids and I noticed it so I tried jumping. Out my window because I hate school and always got picked on for everything under sun. Up till my senior year in high school which was last year lol but,  I have been through so ,ugh my grandma died when I was twelve that was really super hard thats When I started to self harm and get into some stuff I shouldn't have Like looking at video and stuff of eating disorders I was still bullied in middle school but it was worse I was not just bullied in school..But was bullied online. In 9th grade I started to date this guy that was good at first but after a few months he cheated and lied to me and He then sexually abused me so much and then on started to self Harm again I didn't know how to handle it so i kept it t my self.....people always have brought me down for my weight but one significant day made me stop eating....Someone in the lunch line yelled out my name and goes she's pregnant and she's also really fat they laughed I didn't eat lunch that day And then I didn't eat for a year and a half I worked out 3 hours a day and ate 500 calories which is not a lot 1/3 of the food u should Around this time last year I was sent to the hospital because of a suicide attempt and that was the 10th one I started to binge and purge and take laxatives as much as I could without getting caught I self harmed 200 times most on my arms but other spots too like waste yand I carved perfect into my leg and I am /have been abuse by my dad I get yelled at all the time and bullied by my parents I've turned to alcohol and drugs and pills for the answer. But that's not who I am anymore yes I'm recovering still recovery doesn't get a day off yes sometimes I still want to turn to that stuff but that's an addiction. You have to stay strong and not worry about what people say 


PS STAY STRONG I LOVE YOU MY TWITTER IS @grandelovato123 or my help account @stopabusenow1

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