Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Be strong.

Dear world;
yes this is a real cut that was on my arm!
For  all you people who are having a tough time with  your life always remember god is always with you. I recently just got over the bump in the road and as the song firework says "after a hurricane comes a rainbow" it may not seem it at the time being but you can always get through it even know its hard.You can either make or break you, you decide if you're going to have a good life or bad one.If you need to talk to someone i highly recommend to see a therapist.It helps a lot,just getting things off your chest always feels good. If you are thinking about killing your self its really not worth it, even  if your having a hard time with the rent,friends,family,whatever it maybe suicide is NOT the answer either is cutting trust me i use to cut 7 times i did it, now that i look back its not worth the scars they are so ugly , it may seem it at the time but remind your self you're worth something to someone. I have never been good at thinking positivity but i have learned that if you want to be happy in life that's a thing you Have to do no matter how hard you think it maybe. I use to count  my calories every day so i would eat a normal amount  about 1000 calories less than i should i knew i had a problem and tryed to each more but i gained a pound and thought oh my gosh "I'm getting so fat" and so i went back to my old habits such as not eat.Now that this "evil depression" is over i can actually feel free i feel like nothing was worth what i did i wish i could take it back. i hurt so many people that were close to me.  People come and they go that's what you have to remember they come in your life for a reason to serve a purpose and when they purpose is served they either move or  well lets not go there.
Wake up in the morning tell your self you ARE pretty you ARE skinny you ARE NOT a failure what ever the bad thoughts maybe tell your self the opposite. When i wake up in the morning i look in the mirror and tell my self I'm worth something i can do whatever i want if i put my mind to it etc

Sincerely a person who understands
Kate P.

P.S. :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkshHySfRD8 you are perfect!

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