Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having a friends in & from a diffrent country.

Dearest Friends;1)
3 years without you</3
My friend Lina Hwnag lived in Korea before she came to the states and  moved to Canada in 8th grade. We were best friends and i haven't seen her in 3 years and we always plan to see each other but something always gets in the way. i cryed so hard when she's moved. She still means a lot to me and we still talk from time to time but its not the same. When i get out of high school I plan to go see her. If you are reading this I MISS YOU!<3

miss & love you chick!
My close friend Natasha Brower is in Argentina on exchange. She's been there for 6 months.she had helped me though so much and shes not even here.  Ironic how that work. I am sooo soo happy that i met you.She is an amazing person and would do anything for anyone. I miss u chick. Can't wait until you come back. I am also happy for her that she is having such a good time there and kind of jealous! But that's besides the point i feel as I've known you all my life.. but only for a short time i can trust you with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.Thank you for everything i really appreciate it & you.

So glad i met you!
 Hosting an excahange student from Germany HOW COOL:) Pia Horst! I didn't know her very well but i asked her if she still needed a host family anyways.. It's pretty cool to host a person from another country. You learn a lot about their country and also learn about them as a person.She is like my best friend now we have gotten so close in such a little time. If you have the chance to be a host family you really should. Although its going to be really hard when she leaves. But i am going to enjoy the time being. :)

Love your dearest friend;
Kate P

Stay excellent  
and remember your beauty shines not through your looks but your personality

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