Friday, April 8, 2011

& I get a little bit stronger

Well its Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday.. PARTYIN' PARTYIN' YEAH FUN FUN FUN FUUNN!
 Well me & that guy "broke it off" because he lied to me about going to a  dance with a girl and I even asked him "heard you went..." & he said yeah with my friend Gavin, but was his friend gabby. Then he called me shallow because i broke up with him cold hearted person.. Shows his true colors.. So anyways that didn't make me feel any better about my self. But I can't give up... For all of you who think you need to kill yourself you DONT its not worth the pain of your friends and family put your feet in their shoes and imagine if someone did that to you. I almost had a friend die. How can we change the situation that we are in well you can either keep dealing with it or you have to stand up for yourself! You cant let everybody walk all over you're too good for people to be doing that to you. Yes I did cut my self again...What does that make that 9.. ugh this really need to stop.. I cant get out of this stupid depression state. I WANT OUT I FEEL AS IF I AM SUFFOCATING . 
I'm done being there for people who aren't even there for me so why should i give to shits about that. I need someone to save me, help me, SOMETHING... :-/. But i guess as all this is going I'm getting a little bit stronger and if you can get through this you can get through ANYTHING even heart break though it may not seem it at the time life does go on. everything happens for a reason. Maybe to make you realize how perishes your life is. Let you touch many peoples life's.. Or in other hands leave your footprints in the sand, laugh a little, let that reflection looking back at you in  mirror not bother you or even the past you have to move on from what happened then, you can make a new beginning.. 
-Kate P-


  1. Cutie pie, I love you and I am always here for you. And stop this Friday shit, god damn rebecca Black! Love, P