Sunday, April 3, 2011

how do you know when deep is too deep?

Today's topic cutting, weight loss etc.
First listen to this song maybe this will make you realise what you actually do have why would you be sad about the little things when there are people living like this??..
 When you see your self do you wish people could feel what you feel to really understand how it feels?? I do.Well no one will fully understand how it feels unless they are in your shoes. People think "you're over dramatic" about it maybe they don't under stand how much it actually does hurt you.. The littlest "joke" could be life or death for someone.You never know what someone is going through until you actually KNOW that person you have been picking on, teasing, calling names TORTURING them.. Could go home everyday cut them self's, starve, or even get beat for that matter.. You need to think before you start doing these things. For the people who are going through it don't cut yourself just because people call you names. There's always going to be those heartless people who call people names because they have low self esteems them self's.Keep your heads high and spirits happy.. i know that's hard now a days

Down to 20 pounds less....
 It makes me feel good about my self when i lose weight i dont know about you.

-kate p-

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