Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can see your halo & its glowing.

Dear peers,
   I know I haven't been blogging in over a week. I'm sorry I've been super busy with school, my job & trying to get close to my family again.I hope you all are doing well.I know im doing alright... I wanted to say that you are all beautiful! Not everyone is going to think so. But everyone has their own opinion and most certianly you can't please everyone so do what you want stay away from the bad influence, hang out with people who can HELP you not bring you down more.... So me and my dad finally hung out it was so nice we went to lunch then did some stuff we just went to the post office to send my friend her package which costed SOOO much fricken money but its worth it.When i look back on my life i relize that i became a strong person going through all this crap,  I would not change who I am now no matter what YOU think i dont care... You have to learn to live life to the fullest because before you know it, it could be over so what i'm saying is focus on the positive not that negitive it will feel so much better not letting every little thing get you down.. There's a reason that you were put on this earth and its sure as hell not to be down all the time... I'm still gonna go to consuling because when a bad day does come it might be....bad i dont know i want to keep this good mood up. Dont put on a fake smile put on a real one. I could give you 10 reason why you should smileee. Cutting, Drugs, starvation, Throwing up, putting ur self down, suicide.... NOT WORTH it people are here. Everyone is going through something they may look super happy...but could be the tottaly oppoiste.. If you see someone at school or on the street dont be so quick to judge them because of their weight they may be starving them selfs and lost 20 pounds or cutting them selfs because they think no one will ever love them and they think they are a stupid ugly peice of shit that isnt going to be anything in this world... i lost over 15 pounds starving my self and someone called me "fat" and just made me NOT want to eat..
The words that would go through my head;;
stupid, ugly, fat worthless, failure, kill ur self  you suck, cut your self it makes you feel better, you DESERVE to feel this way..
But now i dont feel like a failure or that i should kill/ cut myself and NO ONE deserves to feel that way..

- Kate P.-
P.S;; pretty pretty please dont you ever feel like youre nothing you are perfect!

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