Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recovery is a daily battle!

hello :) ; 
school is finally out for the summmmerrr! Things have been going GREAT, and I can say that truthful and honest. I have the best of friends they have helped me through so much and I really appreciate all of it.
Hard work must pay off because i've been working so hard to get rid of this depression and guess what its gone.*knock on wood*! I have over come anorexia I totally kicked its ass. Just eating a little at a time and working your way up. I am me, and im proud of it. I believe that I'm NOT fat unlike what i was saying like a month ago, i haven't cut in two weeks. But the total number of cuts 26. Total number of weight loss 33. No I'm not proud of doing either of these things, especially the cutting! The anorexia was so tiring and a struggle each day to NOT eat so i gave up not eating and wanted to find my self again which i have and it feels really good to know who I am. I started to find new places for the cuts and then i realized i needed to stop not only was i effecting my health,but also making people scared.. never gonna happen again. I realize that all the time wasted on these thoughts and etc were definitely NOT worth my time. although my grades were up and down because of this im just glad i passed everything. You can do whatever you set your mind to i know that sounds like a cliche but it is definitely the straight out truth.put the past behind you and you gotta move on even know that sounds extremely difficultt its not.
Know that you are loved and cared about even if you think you aren't.
P.S- prove to YOURSELF you CANN do it:)

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