Wednesday, July 27, 2011

....I want out

Have you ever wanted to change places with a person just to feel better even just for a minute...? Well I do always do.. I Want everything to go away I wanna feel better! I want everything to stop.. This is me ranting and raving tonight but I don't care. I feel uncomfortable in my skin most of the time I wanna to "rip" it off not everything is easy but.. ;/.. Have you ever felt sooo low you would DO ANYTHING to feel better..? Yes don't we all.. It seems like more and more people are feeling this way.. We can change it by our attitudes love and care people do care! Don't let anyone or even your self bring you down not everything ia going to be great all the time! Little advice if you feel like cutting, snap your self with a rubber band instead or paint your toe nails you won't get anywhere except feeling guilty for doing it. Well I do anyway. Scared of gain weight is my game. Fighting my weight all my life! Not skinny enough pretty enough GOOD enough.. Why do we have to have these feelings they goig through everyone's head! Getting I'm to digital drama here's what you can do if on Facebook block the person, texting block the phone # or change yours.. Don't let them bring you down yeah bullying hurts TRUST me.. I've been through it all.. But always remember love is louder than the pressure to be perfect!

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