Monday, March 21, 2011

Living life

Dearest bloggers & bloggies;
I hope everything is well. School sucked but what can you say its school. People are over dramatic and too involved in other peoples business. THERE  are a lot of nice people in my town OVER DRAMATIC SELFISH PEOPLE IN MY TOWN! i keep telling my self one more year. CANT WAIT TO GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE! The guy i like is going to talk to my parents and try and get there approval i hope everything goes well fingers are crossed! Been listening to glee music for the last hour.. Life without music is nothing. One of my really good friends moved on friday... i miss her a lot. 
Anyways i hope everyone is well. I don't really know what to write today. But i'm just going to drill this in your head your are somebody in this big old world. A door is opened everyday keep doing what you love and stay excellent. My wishes, and prayers are going out to you tonight. We all need somebody to lean on.. It might be your teacher best friend close friend.
Good night, Good morning, or even good after noon world!<3
Lots of love
-Kate P-

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