Thursday, March 31, 2011

We were meant to be somebody.

 Well today was CRAP. In my culinary class this girl kept asking me so many freaking questions and i was trying to make a cake and do rolls at the same time what's fuck.Me and my mom got into a huge fight were still not talking and its been 3 hours, it wasn't just auguring it lead to more but lets not go into that... :/ I feel that only one person really understands how hard this is. The last two years have been the hardest losing best friends gain friends an emotional roller coaster really.. I'm not going to lie i thought about cutting alot and how good it would feel... I don't to go back i didn't eat dinner and I was counting calories shit this is bad  danger zone. This could be the day you change your whole life or even the world one step at a time will get you father then big steps! How do you do that, when you want to kill your self or cut go for a walk go for a run take Ur pet with you, just keep your mind busy without thinking about the bad. Listen to music it helps! I can only say keep your head up EAT SOMETHING, feel good about life put your past behind you, you need to  move past that and start to live your life. Please dont do anything "stupid"
-Kate P-

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