Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long time no blog.

Heyyy there, 
Well were are back to the old habits...JUST GREAT.  I wish there was some way this could all stop for a moment in time just to feel happy for a day would be awesome!i just want to feel "normal" whatever that is.Counting calories, being depressed all this bull shit is so exhausting & anxiety comes along with it.. how fun.. I'm still going to consoling and me and my mom aren't getting along that well. There's not really much else to say oh yeah got called "shallow" for not putting up with any one's shit.. interesting.I should have listened to my mom. Go figure.We just got off of spring break and my anxiety is acting up really bad this week.Depression,anxiety, and an eating disorder cool. 
But advice time;
Dont put your heart out there unless you know they aren't going to hurt you.. just live dont be like me all depressed and crap 
Kate P

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